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Why Go Gig?

You have a current source of income but are looking for a way to earn extra money – for travel or education or your financial security.

Alternatively, you find that you love your profession, but not your job.

Perhaps you are being asked, if not told, you have to work more hours for the same (or less!) pay. Maybe you want to regain a more normal work/life balance.  You know you need a change, but you aren’t sure what to do.

If you are looking to gain more control over your working life, have more flexibility in where and when you work, and get paid the amount you choose – then being a gig worker member in the HealthGigJobs community may be the right choice for you.

The HealthGigJobs community marketplace utilizes an interactive bidding process to set mutually agreeable payment terms DIRECTLY between the employers and contractors for each gig job.

Contractors have the option to negotiate higher pay rate when employers save time and money by eliminating middlemen (recruiters, staffing agencies, job boards, etc.)

You get the right gig at the right price.

If you are looking to improve your work/life balance, get paid what you are worth, and sleep better at night, create your profile today!

HealthGigJobs Empowers Independent Contractors

“HealthGigJobs continues to provide gig workers with the tools to embrace the gig economy as a true alternative to full time employment. 

HealthGigJobs is already unique in offering healthcare workers the first bid/counterbid order-driven exchange for on-demand work.

Now we are setting ourselves further apart from the competition by being the first healthcare gig platform to offer its Members integrated access to affordable benefits and services vital for gig worker peace of mind.”

— Rick Yarosh, Co-Founder & President


How HealthGigJobs Supports Members

Powered by the Independent Contractors Benefits Association, Inc. (ICBA), HealthGigJobs members enjoy a variety of benefits, including:

How Our Proprietary Bid/Counter-Bid Platform Works

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Enter your specialties, what hours and/or days you want to work, and how often you want to work.

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You will see all the HealthGigs that match your requests. Bid or negotiate for what you want to get paid.

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HealthGigJobs schedules the gig and adds it to your dashboard calendar.

Get Paid

Payment will be deposited through the HealthGigJobs platform.

HealthGigJobs is a unique transactional technology platform utilizing proprietary algorithms to custom match vetted on-demand healthcare professionals with verified employers. 

Our technology utilizes a dynamic bidding process to set and/or negotiate payment terms DIRECTLY between Users for each gig job. As a result of eliminating middleman recruiters, job ads or staffing agency fees – contractors  get paid more for each gig and employers save time and money without expensive and restrictive contracts. 

All information is encrypted and stored in secured data centers that meet security best practices. None of the personal user information is shared with or sold to any third party. Being a trusted platform is our most sacred value.

To protect the integrity, authenticity, and most of all trust in the HealthGigJobs platform, we do our own due diligence on all contractors and employers without exception before they are allowed to utilize bidding function on the marketplace.

Any person or organization may generate passive referral income via revenue sharing  payments from each completed gig job, as long as the job was posted and processed on the platform. If you believe you can refer a minimum of 10 contractors and/or employers, please send an e-mail to to request your custom affiliate referral code.