Businesses can’t plan for everything under the sun, but there are some long-term staffing absences companies know are coming. Pregnancy and maternity leave, extended illness, vacations — all of these can be properly scheduled around with the right tools. 

Creating a network of reliable contractors can keep businesses growing. Here are a few ways to implement planning ahead so you’re not scrambling:

Keep communication lines open with your existing team.

Communicating is key to knowing what’s going on in the lives of your team. Your workplace environment should be one where people feel comfortable to talk about what’s going on in their lives. (Healthy team energy where everyone feels supported.)If you’re able to get clear communication with the team, they’re more likely to be open on long-term leaves like pregnancies, illnesses, etc. 

Encourage the motto of “the earlier, the better.” 

Once you’ve established open communication within teams, emphasize that the sooner they notate a long-term absence, the better it can be handled. 

Understand that emergencies happen — to no one’s fault. 

Emergencies that lead to longer absences can happen! By creating healthy communication with your team, you avoid compounding the stress of emergencies with worry or guilt associated with being gone. Having gig workers on hand can alleviate the sudden stress of an unexpected absence. 

Create a support network

Gig and contract workers are great assets when it comes to ensuring your business functions as normal. Using contract workers to create a support network gives you peace of mind through staffing fluctuations. 

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