Healthcare Work that Works For You

A new type of transactional bid/ask marketplace that empowers workers and companies to keep healthcare moving.

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We Work, So You Can Work

HealthGigJobs supplies contractors and healthcare companies with meaningful opportunities. Learn more about how we serve these two groups:

I Want a Job

For independent contractors looking for a few hours to those looking for longer-term jobs, discover how working with HealthGigJobs can help you find the job(s) of your dream.

I Want a Professional

Staffing shortages are no longer a worry when you leverage HealthGigJobs to pair your listings with qualified, available professionals seeking similar work. 

Why Businesses & Professionals Alike Use HealthGigJobs

HealthGigJobs empowers healthcare professionals while giving offices reliable servicing — no matter the length of the job.

The HealthGigJobs Perks

Powered by the Independent Contractors Benefits Association, Inc. (ICBA), HealthGigJobs members enjoy a variety of benefits, including:

About Us

How We Came to Create HealthGigJobs

“HealthGigJobs is already unique in offering healthcare workers the first bid/counterbid order-driven exchange for on-demand work. Now we are setting ourselves further apart from the competition by being the first healthcare gig platform to offer its Members integrated access to affordable benefits and services vital for gig worker peace of mind.”

— Rick Yarosh, Co-Founder & President

What is HealthGigJobs?

HealthGigJobs innovative technology platform enables the direct matching of verified businesses with vetted independent healthcare professionals for on-demand specific engagements (“gigs”).

We developed a proprietary dynamic bidding process which enables businesses to post the dollar amount they are willing to pay for a specific gig or leave it open for professionals to bid on.

Professionals may enter the dollar amount they are willing to complete the matched gig for, make a counter-bid offer or simply accept the payment term amount proposed by the business.